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Welcome to my blog!

For awhile now I’ve mused around with many different types of art: writing, graphic design, music, cinematography and Digital editing. There are some art forms I am more gifted in than others and in many ways I like to consider myself someone who is free-spirited with a desire to try to do just about everything until I’ve tried myself out. Whether it be art or science, I have an intrigued eye for just about everything. But, you can’t do, or at least, you can’t master everything. Perhaps some have a gift of many different talents and although I’ve tried to do many things, eventually I had to settle for something; I had to make a choice in profession–I chose media production.

More specially, I chose Film Making and Photography.

Why? Well it’s one of the biggest industries that allows me to work with both art and science. Although I couldn’t say I’m a gifted musician, astrophysicist or ice sculpture, I at least know that my interest in film and photography will take me to places and people who are gifted in those areas and many more. In a way, I can then live and work vicariously through other gifted people and trade our commodities for the betterment of each other, of humanity and the world.

I’ve been given wonderful gifts to express myself to the universe by the grace of God–I am a firm  believer in the Judeo-Christen Bible and Jesus Christ and am nothing if not for Him.

I’ve also been given some wonderful tools to use my gifts, family, friends and opportunities.

In the short-term of this photo journal of mine I hope to chronicle an abundance of  people, places, things and ideas.

I also want to work in a way that I can be helpful to others who are interested in my line or work. I shall try to do my best to add some in-depth descriptions of my featured work I post on a regular basis along with the imagination, intuition and ingenuity behind it all.

In the long-term, I’ll be finishing up my last two years of College education at the University of North Texas as a Radio, Television and Film Major. I also hope to chronicle my experiences there as it will be a fresh and exciting transition for me transferring in the spring of 2011.

Well, here’s to a wonderful new year and many more to come!

I hope you enjoy my work along the way and if you ever have any questions or comments, never hesitate to post them or email me directly.