photographer, from the Greek φωτός, “light” and γράφω, “I write”, is a person who takes photographs using a camera. A professional photographer uses photography to earn money whilst amateur photographers take photographs for pleasure and to record an event, emotion, place, or person.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photographer

About Rob Oakley

I’m a true born Kansan raised in Texas, home educated, Eagle Scout, and humble more-sanctified-every-day-born-again Christian. It is my desire to deliver wisdom and truth to and from the far reaches of the world through whatever mediums necessary and by far the most effective means–my dream is to produce inspirational films. My goal is to do that by first telling stories through digital editing and cinematography while working my way up to becoming a director and producer.

Ever since my father introduced me to Photoshop, graphic design, and print I have been fascinated with the worlds of photography and digital communication. At first I always wanted to get into traditional animation realizing how much more of the impact moving pictures have–this is still my desire–but I have found more talent and passion for the film industry. Other influences from an industry perspective range from productions made by filmmakers as well as animators who have a keen sense and respect for family and multi-generational integration and a multi-generation view. A few production companies I have always dreamed of working for are Pixar and The Jim Henson Company. From Woody in Toy Story to Kermit the Frog from the Muppets, I always see great accomplishments in the creditable and creative artists who are also to their own sense craftsmen; who don’t necessarily work in a competitive environment but more so a collaborate one which is something I admire most in film and filmmakers–a mass of different people with different backgrounds and different gifts and abilities working cooperatively together. I find it also interesting to think of filmmakers as engineers, people who have dedicated their lives to problem solving; I believe this is an essential skill to have along with the ability of being creative.

Although currently I consider myself as an independent filmmaker, I have begun to realize that because working in the film industry is a collaborative industry as well as a competitive one, it is also essential to want to be a part of a creative team, network, or studio. At the moment it’s difficult to say where I may end up. For now, I will go wherever the Lord leads me. I like to keep well rounded in the sense that I want to be in the position where I can be good at both technical and nontechnical work. Acting has lately become more of an interest and I would love the experience if it were ever offered to me along with an opportunity to work alongside animators and other talented individuals.

Although I like being able to wear many different hats, if I had to settle with one job, I would pick cinema editing in a heartbeat. I read once that, “If a writer creates the story, and the director gives it vision, then the editor tells it.” In addition to that privilege, the editor also get’s to spend the most time with the director in the post-production process and the whole production in general giving me the opportunity to learn more about what goes through the director’s mind and perhaps leading closer to a possible future in directing.

Art has always been explained to me as a two way street. People often ask themselves does life define art or does art define life? Their conclusions usually show that the answer is “both.” However, where I tend to disagree is beauty being in the eye of the beholder. I would much rather believe that every artist reveals him or herself through their work just like an author of a book, a painter, a sculpture or even a filmmaker leaves a small fingerprint on what he or she has created. There is an innate understanding, a standard, of what is lovely, honest and pure by which we long to mediate on–to me, this is what defines beauty.

In essence then, it would seem more appropriate to say,”Preference is subjective.” I believe, then, that it is imperative to deliver through the medium of cinema that which would influence preference toward things that are truly beautiful by traditional standards. I have found that many who stick to tradition, the classics, and what has always seemed to work for the masters before us have been more successful. Others still may wish to take that chance and attempt an approach never before conceived; however, keeping a firm foundation, I believe they can take this plunge with much more confidence. We are allowed the freedom to add on to the cathedrals of creativity with these standards in mind. I personally believe art is whatever ultimately displays the glory of not our own creation and creativeness but that which created us.

As filmmakers, it is essential to realize how powerful moving pictures and sound really are, what effect they have upon an individual, along with its distribution and influence to the masses. Film is a demonstration of incredible power–power that must be taken into careful consideration and responsibility. As a Christian producer, it is a responsibility of mine to use the most influential form of communication to spread the truths of a sovereign God, a loving Father, and the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ to the farreaches of the world. I seek to do this with a gazel intensity, a childlike faith, and utmost patience.


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