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Oakley – Automation Engage!

Greetings fellow creatives out there! For this first-time post in a long time I’d like to share a Batch Script I finished writing last night and maybe get some feedback on the design and perhaps even help out some of you who are short on time like me and need a fast intuitive way to create all those media folders to contain your works of genius. This Batch Script in particular is for Adobe Premiere Pro users who would like to automate the folder hierarchy for the vast mediums used to create video projects.

So let’s dive in . . .

Note: The following tutorial is for Windows Users (I plan to create a similar script for Mac users in a future post) . . .

Now, first we’re going to create a .bat file using Notepad. If you have another text editor you’d like to use that’s fine, but when we’re finished editing the script, the last step is very important so pay attention.

To keep it simple, let’s open the Start Menu> Search for Run> Open Run> Type Notepad >Click ‘Ok’ or press Enter.

Once Notepad is open, copy and paste the following script:



@Echo Off
:: Hide Following Commands

color a
:: Changes Text to Green

Echo This batch script will create Adobe Project Folders in your C:\ Directory.

SET /P ANSWER=Do you wish to continue, Y/N?

if /I {%ANSWER%}=={Y} (goto :START)
if /I {%ANSWER%}=={N} (goto :END)
goto :catch

::if/then statement to confirm .bat file start by user

Echo Cheif Engineer, Scotty says try typing Y or N . . .
Timeout 3 >nul
goto :try

::Try/Catch Block for user input error

echo Command Accepted, engaging…
Timeout 1 >nul
Echo Batch Creating Adobe Project Folders with Subfolders…
Timeout 1 >nul

@Echo On
::Reveal commandline functions.

MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Pre_Production
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Adobe_Project_src
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Adobe_Project_src\Adobe_AE_src
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Adobe_Project_src\Adobe_Encore_src
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Adobe_Project_src\Adobe_Photoshop_src
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Video
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Images
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Graphcis
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Graphcis\Lower_Thirds
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Graphcis\Titles
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Music
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\SFX
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\VFX
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\VFX\AE_Compositions
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Export
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Export\Hi_Rez
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Export\Lo_Rez

@Echo Off
::End of Batch Create, hide remaining commandline functions.
Timeout /t 2 /nobreak >nul


Echo Folders Created: Adobe Project Src and Media Folders with Subfolders

Echo Video, Images, Graphics, Music, SFX, and VFX

Echo Press any key to go to directory where folders were created.

:: Message to indicate batch create was succesfful!

Pause > nul

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe C:\

:: Open’s C:\ Directory to where folders where created.

Echo Thank you and have a nice day!

Timeout 3 >nul


Echo Batch script terminated…
Timeout 5
exit/ b 1
::Wait 5 seconds and exit


Now the important part of the code if you want to customize the exact folders being created is this block here:

MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Pre_Production
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Adobe_Project_src
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Adobe_Project_src\Adobe_AE_src
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Adobe_Project_src\Adobe_Encore_src
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Adobe_Project_src\Adobe_Photoshop_src
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Video
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Images
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Graphcis
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Graphcis\Lower_Thirds
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Graphcis\Titles
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\Music
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\SFX
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\VFX
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Media\VFX\AE_Compositions
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Export
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Export\Hi Rez
MKDIR C:\New_Adobe_Project\Export\Lo Rez

You can change these names to anything you like, but it’s important to realize that if you add any space to your folder name, it will tell Windows to create a separate folder hence is why I use underscores. Also, if you’re wanting to add a folder hierarchy, use the ‘MKDIR’ command followed by the desired directory path name.

Example: MKDIR C:\Project_Name\Subfolder_Name\etc . . .

Now the last part . . .

Save your notepad project  via File> Save As> “Project Name.bat” >Save as Type>All Files “*.*”

The last two steps are the most important. Make sure to save the file as anything you desire but end it with .bat. What is more, you must select All Files in the Save As Type dialog. This will keep it from saving as “Project name.bat.txt” which will not work.

And there you have it! I hope it helps and that you leave a comment!

Serving with nobility,

-Rob Oakley, Creative Collaborator



Oakley – About Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministries About from Rob Oakley on Vimeo.

Oakley – Looking Back; Looking Forward

As I look out the window of my 1800’s historic apartment in Northern Colorado, I observe the gentle breeze of a winter day smoothly gliding through the trees. Rack-focusing to the interior of my home of almost a year, I see the synchronized lights of multiple hues on my bride and I’s first Christmas tree. It’s Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is our first Christmas together and as I have time away from my job in the oilfield to sit down, write, and reflect on this past year, I find myself peculiarly found of what is to come in 2014.

For starters, I see myself with an immense desire to write more, blog more, take pictures more, and share more about my new life in the Northern Rockies of Colorado; sharing all the new opportunities, dreams, plans, and events all in between along with my dearest friend , my wife. As for new opportunities the new year plans to bring, one of which is tutoring part time on Monday nights with the International Students Inc. or ISI for short. It’s a group of individuals from all over the world including China, South Korea, Chile, the Middle East, and a handful of others. A similar experience takes me back to teaching English in Houston where I am originally from. I enjoyed it then and I fully expect I will enjoy it again next year. Training starts in January and by then I also hope to start an online certification course in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

A burning desire of mine as of late and for quite awhile, at least, ever since I came back from China in 2012  is to teach. Currently I work full time in the Oilfield as a service technician to the model homes provided to rigs all across Weld County.  It’s a great opportunity to kick start my wife and I into our new lives together keeps me very busy. However, I also hope while working in this productive industry that I can also put in some time toward helping to raise the Youth and next generation of leaders. Along with teaching English as a tutor for ISI, I also hope to start developing a private supplementary course in cultural and social studies with emphasis in Worldview and world religions. My current aim is toward middle school and high school students who are exclusively home educated (as I was during those years), but I also hope to pursue a wide range of students who would be interested in extracurricular activities. Sounds crazy that I want to involve the Youth of Northern Colorado in extra studies, but I think after a presentation or two they may find themselves extraordinarily interested in what both my wife and I have to offer. I plan to expound on this venture a lot further in the next post I plan to write so please stay tuned.

Yet another new venture I plan to take along with my writing and return to the Blog Sphere is to explore the realm of Podcasting. This past year I’ve been listening to a myriad of topics and I can’t begin to describe all of the fascinating stories, ideas, and biographies of people I’ve listened to for the last several months. I do, however, intend to share more often what I listen to on a more regular basis. For a list of current podcasts that I personally subscribe to, check out this link or refer to the end of this post. With all this being said, also look forward to a Podcast of my own hosted by both myself and my lovely wife. We plan to cover a lot of different topics, but eventually it is our goal to focus on social issues in both the realms of Education, Family, and Community.

To conclude, I’d like to mention that two of my greatest achievements this year have been 1) Finishing my bachelor’s degree in Communications and 2) Marrying the love of my life. It’s been a wonderful, crazy, difficult, surprising, lovely, heart breaking, joyful year and I am nervous, excited, frightened, encouraged, and fascinated with what is to come next.

Serving with nobility, noblesse oblige,

Robert W. Oakley



Merry Christmas!


Podcasts I Subscribe to:

NPR TED Radio Hour


TED Talks


English Teaching in Japan


The Artist in American History


Seth Godin’s Startup School


Oakley – Summit Semester Promo 2012

Oakley — Teaching ESL: Operation China

For the past month now I’ve been helping teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to Chinese students who reside in the city of Houston. Once a week I attend Crosspoint Lutheran church in Bellaire to assist in training Chinese natives in the basics of the English language in order to help them gain a better sense of prosperity in the United States along with preparing myself to teach at an English Camp in Pinghu, China this coming summer. I am very excited to be learning so much about the Chinese Culture and, slowly but surely, the Chinese language along with equipping myself with the necessary tools and experience to teach. Below are some photographs I took of last week’s class the day before the Chinese New Year. Normally we have a much larger class but due to the holiday festivities many of our students were probably away with family celebrating the on coming year of the Dragon. I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to teach and look forward in continuing to share my journey with the rest of you. Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more to come!


Betty Cooke helps explain the week’s new Bible memory verse

Students range from adults of early 3o’s to late 40’s on up

We also include elementary students in our lessons!

Oakley – Behind the Scenes: Grace Care Center

Rob Brayton setting up for Christmas Shoot with Santa

Today I had the pleasure to work with once again my mentor, teacher, and friend, Rob Brayton. We were both immensely pleased to have the opportunity to bless the senior citizens of Grace Care center with photographs of Santa Claus. Each of them will be getting a copy  just in time for Christmas to share amongst their families and care takers.

Rob working with the Nikon D7000

Rob Brayton is an experienced 2nd generation photographer with decades of study in digital engineering and the arts; his vision is to enrich the lives of people and business through visual storytelling in still and moving life portraiture—as is mine. He has taught me everything I know about film and photography and it is always an honor to work with him.

Rob with Santa

And of course the big guy himself, Santa Claus was a real treat to work with as well. He was able to bring so much joy to the citizens as they posed with the man of jolly and cheer making Christmas this year for the Grace Care center and its members a happy one indeed.


Oakley – Image set in Motion

Oakley – “Love” the Musical and 500px


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I actually thought my Summer would be more full of activity but lately it’s been mostly a time of waiting, patience, and spending most of my time with my family. In less than 24 hours I will be making my departure for Colorado Springs and hope to document my adventure every step of the way as I make pursuit in my much anticipated internship at Summit Ministries.

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any pictures too. The reality of that is I actually have been posting a lot of photographs. . . I just managed to overlook posting my best and favorite experiences on the website. To some avail, I hope that my beloved followers can still watch for my work on my Flickr profile and now you can start following a new experience of mine  called 500px. Of course, I still intend to post much of my best work on the website, but I will also be posting a lot of my recent and best work on a very ingenious web-based portfolio by which you can start viewing at the following link.



In the mean time, I’ve also been working on my first Theatrical gig with Applause Theatre Company and hope to be posting some screen shots of my editing work along with a preview of the production itself. Plenty more details to come!

Noblesse oblige,


Oakley – 加油

Oakley – 123 RGB

Oakley – Within the Music

Oakley – Philanthropic Enterprise

( through audio/visual mediums)

Dear friends,

I wanted to take a moment and share a little bit about some of the things I am doing towards the benefit of myself and society.

As many of you know, I am a radio, television, and film major currently studying at University. Part of my vision in study and application is to communicate inspiring and motivational ideas through film and media. Of course, I also have some interest in the entertainment business, however, it is based solely on that of integration, unity, and discovery: not this mindless amusement we find coming out of Hollywood today.

With that said, I am also looking forward to using my passionate interest, talent, and abilities to aid local and one day national entities dedicated to the those in need on both local and global scales. My service would be based on non-for-profit motives and all donation towards a given project would be solely used toward the production of a high quality film that communicates the ideas, mission, and success of a given charitable organization.

Although I am still fairly young and have a lot of learning and experience ahead of me, it is one of my greatest hopes that this vision will be seen through by not only my personal means but by people like you who long to help and do something beyond what they normally do for the benefit of others.

I have one example of a recent project that I’d like to share with you all. It is a short introduction to a DVD I along with a young photographer created for a Pregnancy Crisis Center located in West Houston.

There is also a longer behind-the-scenes video for anyone interested in more information about the project and how it was put into action.


Finally, I would like to share that I will be in a meeting for another similar project for an organization called “The Success for Life Through Reading” program. They are dedicated to providing college aged volunteers to reach out to low-income families and preschooled children. Part of their activities is donating books and reading out loud to the kids. Later this afternoon we’ll be discussing a very important series of videos they want to produce for the program to help recruit, train new members, and inform parents of the importance of reading in early development and love for literacy. If you’d like to learn more about the program visit the following site:


I know there is a lot we can do together and am thoroughly excited to see what the future holds.

Thank you for your time and Blessings to you all.

~Rob Oakley

Oakley – Night Time Photography

My effort in taking pictures of the stars didn’t quite end in total failure. Due to a full moon, it simply was too bright outside to try and capture the stars so I’ll have to wait a bit until the next clear and moonless sky. On the bright side (pun intended :P) I did get to try out my long exposures on a few other things… Like a bicycle and even the moon!

Below is an edited photograph I took of a bike waiting at the end of some stars near my residence–this was done completely in Adobe’s Camera RAW. Further down is the original photo. You can tell immediately shooting in the dark is quite feasible with some decent equipment (such as my tripod) and post-processing.





Oakley – The Anderson Family 2011

OTM_2547, originally uploaded by otmpromedia.

See more on Flickr: OTM Pro Media

Oakley – Anderson’s Angels

Check out more on Flickr: OTM Pro Media


Oakley – My Family

Check out more on Flickr: OTM Pro Media

Oakley – Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston

Oakley – Kung Fu Fighters: HBF “Open Mic Night” 2010

Oakley – Working in the Dark

Photo Credit: Andrew Humes

Recently I had the pleasure of capturing the talent of a Hempstead Church Family out at TJM ranch and part of the challenge was shooting in the dark. Now I wasn’t literally in the dark; I did have the luxury of a work light but it still presented a problem for not only myself but a few other photographers who were working on and in the show. A young friend of mine who is an excellent  photographer had a few questions about how to shoot better pictures in the dark and these are a few ideas that I had that I would like to share with the rest of you photo enthusiast and professionals. As I am continuing to learn myself, please feel free to correct me or clarify where I may be wrong.

There are a few options to shoot better in the dark. Frankly, if there isn’t enough light to get a good shot, add more light! But that’s not always an available option so we have to get a little creative at times… If you’re shooting still images (like portraits for instance) always try to get a Tri-pod setup for this will reduce vibrations and user handling immensely. For clarity I’m going to list a few steps in a numerical order…

I. Add more light! If you can, this is your best option because it gives you the most control.

1.You can add more light with “hot lights” (or lights that are always on) like the work light we used for the Talent show).

2. You can use flashes. Now, some flashes can be a bit pricy but I encourage you to think about investing in an external flash that has an adjustable head. Especially get a flash that you can point up at the ceiling. Generally speaking, the best kind of light to use is “reflective light.” Think about it in real life; the sun is always above us and a lot of the light we see is being bounced off of walls, the floor, etc NOT pointed directly at us. So when you’re adding more light, always try to point it coming from an angle. Bouncing light also creates “difusion” which gives you softer skin tones and softer shadows. Now keep in mind that a lot of this has to do with you’re own personal style. Maybe you want HARD and DARK shadows? *shrugs* It’s totally up to you, but keep in mind that reflected and diffused light gives better results in regards to realism.

II. But, we don’t always have more light… Although it reduces your creative freedom by a tad, grab a Tripod. They’re bulky and no fun to carry around but, unlike you, they don’t rock.

III. Aperture vs Shutter Speed

Okay, so I’m assuming you already know a good bit of photography but if I need to explain anything for you in dept, please let me know.

Now with photography, there’s always this ongoing battle with all the different settings; photography is a win-lose situation.

When you exchange a narrow aperture with a wide one and a faster shutter speed, you get very shallow depth of field but sharper images. In certain situations, you’ll find that there’s just “too much” that’s out of focus… So you’re like, gosh darnit, now I have to have a slower shutter speed and a smaller aperature…

The other problem you have with slower shutter speeds is “motion blur” which I’m sure you and I share the same burning indifference for…

f/3.5 1/50 ISO 1600 Notice in this image there’s a lot of motion blur. This could have been avoided had I used a wider aperture (f/1.8) and a much faster shutter speed. Ideally when capturing motion it’s best to have a shutter speed of 1/250- 1/400. I could have possibly done this at a higher ISO (3200) and the area’s lighting a bit more balanced. Remember, there’s less focus at wider apertures. Of course, there’s an array of fancy lenses and better camera’s out there, but I’d just like to cover what I know for general users.

If you need a smaller aperture but faster shutter speed, you’re reducing the time the sensor has to absorb the light and your images come out too dark! But! If you use a good tripod and are shooting stills for the most part, you can manage to have a smaller aperture [for clarity] and a slow shutter speed [for a good exposure]. It’s a different story for capturing motion I’m afraid. Here you must try to add as much light as possible whether that be by artificial means or by having a wider aperture.

Now one last thing about aperture:

I’m not sure what kind of lens you may own but the “wider” your aperture or the “smaller” the f-stop, the more light is let in for an exposure. Having a wider aperture or an “open” iris means more light, faster shutter speed, shallow depth of field, and a good exposure. Right now I own a 35mm prime which means It’s a fixed focal length and if I want to get a closer shot I physically have to move in closer… However, this 35mm prime lens has a wide aperture of 1.8 f-stops which means the hole the light travels to the sensor is practically wide open. This affects both exposure and depth of field… Always keep that in mind: The wider the aperture the shallower the depth of fiend and less focus you will have on a given subject; however, it also means more light.


ISO standers has to do with the “sensitivity” of your sensor. The higher the ISO the more sensitive your sensor will be to the incoming light.

Now film ISO and Digital ISO are a tad different but essentially the same…

Back in the day of black and white Film, pictures were formed by silver halides which the more sensitive they were to light the faster they absorbed and expanded to create a picture… However, because of a high sensitivity, the halides would expand so fast that “gaps” were created forming what we call “grain.”

With color pictures it get’s a little bit more complicated but this is to help illustrate what is going on with ISO standards.

In the digital realm, the same thing is essentially going on except instead of grain we call it noise.

The greater the ISO the more sensitive your sensor and camera’s processor becomes. Now today camera’s keep getting better and better and we can use very high ISOs to get pictures in low lit situations… From what I’ve observed, digital noise is starting to look more like film grain which is excellent but still a problem. For instance, last night I was shooting at an ISO of 3200. Now this is an incredibly high rating, the pictures still came out decently enough to where they could be used. In some situations, you can shoot at VERY high ISO’s and then convert your images to B & W taking advantage of the noise that was created and calling it grain. This is an artistic method but it doesn’t always work out the best… Just mentioning that to give you some options.

f/1.8  1/250 ISO 1600

Notice that my image didn’t come out very clear. However, I was still able to apply some effects. If worse comes to worse, you can still use an image for creative purposes and if anyone asks, “You did it on purpose.”



Normally, if I’m outside and it’s a sunny day, I’ll try to shoot at an ISO of 100-400. Notice that the smaller the ISO number the most clarity your image will have. 100-200 is most ideal for portraits.

In darker situations (like indoors), I’ll shoot 800-1600 and that’s without a flash.

Having a higher ISO will allow you to use smaller aperture settings and faster shutter speeds.

Just remember that increasing your ISO setting will increase the amount of “grain” or “noise” in your picture. Which, btw, can be somewhat edited out in Photoshop at times if you ever get into post-production work.

I plan on giving an in depth tutorial of Adobe’s “Camera Raw” but for now I would like to keep this discussion strictly to photography.

Well I hope this helps some and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them!

Let’s learn from each other and make a difference one frame at a time.

Oakley – Kung Fu Fighters Wear Pink

Oakley – Pretty in Purple

Oakley – Aerodynamics and Musical Notes

Oakley – An Art Fortified by Science


Welcome to my blog!

For awhile now I’ve mused around with many different types of art: writing, graphic design, music, cinematography and Digital editing. There are some art forms I am more gifted in than others and in many ways I like to consider myself someone who is free-spirited with a desire to try to do just about everything until I’ve tried myself out. Whether it be art or science, I have an intrigued eye for just about everything. But, you can’t do, or at least, you can’t master everything. Perhaps some have a gift of many different talents and although I’ve tried to do many things, eventually I had to settle for something; I had to make a choice in profession–I chose media production.

More specially, I chose Film Making and Photography.

Why? Well it’s one of the biggest industries that allows me to work with both art and science. Although I couldn’t say I’m a gifted musician, astrophysicist or ice sculpture, I at least know that my interest in film and photography will take me to places and people who are gifted in those areas and many more. In a way, I can then live and work vicariously through other gifted people and trade our commodities for the betterment of each other, of humanity and the world.

I’ve been given wonderful gifts to express myself to the universe by the grace of God–I am a firm  believer in the Judeo-Christen Bible and Jesus Christ and am nothing if not for Him.

I’ve also been given some wonderful tools to use my gifts, family, friends and opportunities.

In the short-term of this photo journal of mine I hope to chronicle an abundance of  people, places, things and ideas.

I also want to work in a way that I can be helpful to others who are interested in my line or work. I shall try to do my best to add some in-depth descriptions of my featured work I post on a regular basis along with the imagination, intuition and ingenuity behind it all.

In the long-term, I’ll be finishing up my last two years of College education at the University of North Texas as a Radio, Television and Film Major. I also hope to chronicle my experiences there as it will be a fresh and exciting transition for me transferring in the spring of 2011.

Well, here’s to a wonderful new year and many more to come!

I hope you enjoy my work along the way and if you ever have any questions or comments, never hesitate to post them or email me directly.