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Summit Ministries

Oakley – Summit Ministries in California!

Teenagers and Young Adults alike, your search for meaning, identity, purpose, and the answers to life’s greatest questions are not going to be answered—your search is going to be redefined, revolutionized, and ultimately rocked out of this world! Like a Google search, it seems you just can’t find exactly what you’re looking for until you use the right keywords. Are you a Yahoo Answer’s junkie? Well what I have to share with you is much more powerful than any search engine; it’s one of the lesser known knowledge machines you will ever behold within an all-inclusive, comprehensive, fire-hydrant capacity in two of the most important and greatest weeks of your life! I’m talking about Summit Ministries.

Summit Ministries is a Christian Youth Apologetics Worldview seminar founded over 50 years ago by Dr. David Nobel, author of Understanding the Times and former president. Now lead by Dr. Jeff Myers, former professor at Bryan College in Tennessee, the vision and impact Summit has had for past generations will go even further with the next and future generations to come. I could go on and on about everything Summit has to offer, but why not take a moment and check out their website to see for yourself or how about watching their latest video!

But wait there’s more! For 50 years Summit held its conferences near the gorgeous rocky mountains of Manitou Springs, CO and only until recently did it also hold them at Bryan College. Now Summit’s influence is being spread even further to the west coast by holding two-week minding bending, construct shattering, world shaking conferences at Biola University in California.

Now’s your chance friends now is the time to change your life forever! So what are you waiting for? Take this awesome promo code with you; share this good news with your friends on Facebook and Twitter; check out Summit’s Website, and don’t forget to watch the video!

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Summit 2014 Student Conferences from Summit Ministries on Vimeo.

Oakley – Summit Semester Promo 2012


Oakley – The Pikes Peak Summit Experience