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Back in the Saddle Again; Riding on the Back of a Lion

Call it a sabbatical if you will; I’d much prefer to look at it as if I fell into some vortex of a world that wasn’t necessarily perfect but pretty darn close.  All year long I can remember myself praying, “Dear God, let me see mountains again!” Who knew He’d actually answer my prayer and not only give me a mere glimpse of them but actually allow me to live among them for twelve weeks! If that wasn’t enough, let me tell you about the food—if a man’s heart is truly won through his stomach, then I left my heart in Pegosa Springs along with the cooks. And then there were the people who ate the food with me: 30 students who I not only ate with but also studied with, worked with, played with, prayed with, laughed with, cried with, and truly lived with for three months. Such adventures we had and though I keep trying to remind myself that the end is only just the beginning, I honestly cannot believe it’s over . . .

There are some things in life I always want to remember and then there are some things I will never forget. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then not even a picture can express well enough what I felt while living in Colorado. Don’t get me wrong though. It’s wonderful being home again. Being back in the city, where this city boy probably belongs, I can tell how much I missed the rush of Houston traffic, the stress free life of a stay-at-home college student, the worry free . . . Who am I kidding? The answer is not at all! Still, it is very nice to be home again. And by home I mean where my heart truly lives among my family who all five brothers and one sister I call friends, and parents who I consider wise and wealthy with God’s providence. As much as I long to go back to the mountains, I’d be dragging them all up with me in a heartbeat if I knew that I could. But who knows? God knows and that’s enough to keep my hopes up. As fretful and anxious I may get from time to time, I know who controls my destiny. Ask a fellow minister of mine how to spell love and he’ll tell you, “T-I-M-E.”

So what about my work, my art in photography? Well, in the next several weeks I will be uploading a ton of photos to Flickr featuring most of my favoritest and bestest work from places as majestic as the Pegosa Spring Mountains, to as mystical as the Great Sand Dunes, and the misty Grand Canyon in winter. Also, I plan to feature some amazing HDR photos and a few portraitures I did so stay tuned for that as well.

And as for the world of video, I plan to upload a bunch of those too as long as I can manage time to edit and upload them all.

sigh of blissful content

I really can’t tell you how exactly I feel right now about everything. I feel amazing yet at the same time totally exhausted. I feel super happy and excited yet at the same time totally depressed. But I’m making due. It brings me overwhelming joy—which is quite possible to have when you’re feeling lonely and sad—to know how much my family and friends care about me. Though they may be near or far, I love each and every one of them with all my heart.

It really is good to be back . . .

And, as always, there will be plenty more to come!

Noblesse oblige,

~Rob Oakley


Oakley – The Pikes Peak Summit Experience

Oakley – HDR Photography

Oakley – Summit Session 5

OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0000OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0001OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0002OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0003OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0004OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0005
OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0006OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0007OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0013OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0014OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0015OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0016
OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0017OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0018OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0019OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0020OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0021OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0022
OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0024OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0025OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0026OTM_Summit_Session 5_072911_0023

Summit Session 5, a set on Flickr.

Oakley – Image set in Motion

Oakley – Summit Ministries Session 5 – Staff Training

OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0047OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0048OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0049OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0050OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0051OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0052
OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0053OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0054OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0055OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0056OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0057OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0058
OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0059OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0060OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0061OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0062OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0063OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0064
OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0065OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0066OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0067OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0068OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0069OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0070

Oakley – Summit: Seats full of Potential

OTM_Summit_mmddyy (date)_0109, originally uploaded by otmpromedia.

Oakley – Summit_The Dish Pit!

Summit_Dish Pit Skit! from Rob Oakley on Vimeo.

Oakley – Wonders, Beauty, and Discovery