New Horizons


Three years later, a few jobs later, a beautiful baby girl and here we are now working in Telecommunications as a Field Workforce Coordinator. Lately pursuing Film as both a Technical and Artistic endeavor has gone its course. Although I still have a passion for visual storytelling, I’ve recently settled on exploring the world of Data as it was put to me as “The New Oil” and thus my New Horizon.

This shift in career really started when I landed a Contracting Job for IBM’s Global Delivery Center as a Risk and Security Specialist. I certainly did not work in a highly technical field at the time, but the experience I gained as a Data Prep Administrator opened my eyes to the world of Big Data, Information Technology, and Database Administration. I believed at the time I would be able to continue to work for IBM for a while; going from a contractor to a regular employee. IBM did not have the same idea. After six months past my 1-year contract with possible extension, IBM let me go and I was unemployed for the month of June 2016. It was the end of June when I finally started a new path in Telecommunications working for a Wireless Internet Service Provider in Technical Support.

One year later in the Spring of 2017 I was offered a position in Field Workforce Coordination or to put it more simply Outbound Dispatch. Now I’m in charge of assigning and routing an average of 200 jobs per day to over 50 Install and Repair Technicians (IRTs). Within six months of working in this new position an even grander opportunity was brought to my attention – the field of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Having already an interest in Big Data and a background in Digital Imagery, the more I considered GIS the more I realized how much this field lines up with my motivational thrusts. The applications of GIS are nearly endless and the Global impact I could potentially have exhilarating. Although I will continue to work as an Outbound Dispatcher, the first steps I shall take towards starting a career in GIS is to become certified.

This Fall Semester I have enrolled into the Fundamentals of GIS Certification Program. Once completed I should be able to begin an Internship and hopefully go straight to hire from there. What has clearly solidified this decision is that not only was I quickly accepted into the program, I was also awarded a grant that will nearly cover all the costs of my tuition – this is a huge confirmation that I am meant to go into this realm of exploration and that my abilities will be needed!

Although I intend to be incredibly busy this Fall Semester with Work, School, and most importantly Family, I wish to share as much as I can through my blog, pictures, videos, and possibly even a podcast from time to time. I haven’t been this motivated about education since I got my BA in Communications. I have always considered myself as a life-long learner and my journey is still just beginning. First day of class is August 21st; tune in then to find out how it goes!


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