Preserving Precious Moments in Still Photos and Video


Let me be your personal photographer!

Currently Charging $75 per hour

with a one hour minimal fee!



Photo on demand (any photo required for your project) 14.99

Removal or replacement of unwanted details or persons 19.99

Photo isolation (object extraction) 29.99

Imperfections / blemishes removal, digital rejuvenation 19.99

Damaged or old photo repair or restoration 29.99

Removal of time/date marks imprinted by photo camera 19.99

Lossless editing and resaving of JPEG photos 19.99

Photo to painting conversion (oil, watercolor, crayon) 49.99

Black & white to colour photo transformation (colouring) 149

Panoramic photo making (from up to 4 images) 49.99

Opening of the closed eyes (eye-wink removal) 49.99

Lens flaws correction (distortions, vignetting, c.a.) 19.99

Photo noise reduction (dots/grain reductions) 19.99

Correction of underexposed (silhouetted, dark) photos 19.99

Colour and tonal adjustment, up to 3 photos 19.99

Lossless red eye effect correction, up to 3 photos 19.99

Custom Video

Documentation of an event:

Weddings; Vow Renewal; Anniversaries; Family Reunions;

Birthdays; Highschool Graduation; Talent Shows

* 250.00

Digital Preservation and Restoration:

*VHS (Analog) or Mini-DV conversion to Hard Disk or DVD 10.00 per hour of footage

Custom Family Slide Show 50.00 per FIVE minutes of feature content

*Additional costs may apply for delivery (Hard Disk and/or DVD) and requested editing


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