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Oakley – Summit Ministries in California!

Teenagers and Young Adults alike, your search for meaning, identity, purpose, and the answers to life’s greatest questions are not going to be answered—your search is going to be redefined, revolutionized, and ultimately rocked out of this world! Like a Google search, it seems you just can’t find exactly what you’re looking for until you use the right keywords. Are you a Yahoo Answer’s junkie? Well what I have to share with you is much more powerful than any search engine; it’s one of the lesser known knowledge machines you will ever behold within an all-inclusive, comprehensive, fire-hydrant capacity in two of the most important and greatest weeks of your life! I’m talking about Summit Ministries.

Summit Ministries is a Christian Youth Apologetics Worldview seminar founded over 50 years ago by Dr. David Nobel, author of Understanding the Times and former president. Now lead by Dr. Jeff Myers, former professor at Bryan College in Tennessee, the vision and impact Summit has had for past generations will go even further with the next and future generations to come. I could go on and on about everything Summit has to offer, but why not take a moment and check out their website to see for yourself or how about watching their latest video!

But wait there’s more! For 50 years Summit held its conferences near the gorgeous rocky mountains of Manitou Springs, CO and only until recently did it also hold them at Bryan College. Now Summit’s influence is being spread even further to the west coast by holding two-week minding bending, construct shattering, world shaking conferences at Biola University in California.

Now’s your chance friends now is the time to change your life forever! So what are you waiting for? Take this awesome promo code with you; share this good news with your friends on Facebook and Twitter; check out Summit’s Website, and don’t forget to watch the video!

Tweet: @SummitMN’s student conf is incredible ( & now they’ll be in CA in June! Use AL2615 to save $250. #SummitChanges

Summit 2014 Student Conferences from Summit Ministries on Vimeo.

Oakley – Looking Back; Looking Forward

As I look out the window of my 1800’s historic apartment in Northern Colorado, I observe the gentle breeze of a winter day smoothly gliding through the trees. Rack-focusing to the interior of my home of almost a year, I see the synchronized lights of multiple hues on my bride and I’s first Christmas tree. It’s Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is our first Christmas together and as I have time away from my job in the oilfield to sit down, write, and reflect on this past year, I find myself peculiarly found of what is to come in 2014.

For starters, I see myself with an immense desire to write more, blog more, take pictures more, and share more about my new life in the Northern Rockies of Colorado; sharing all the new opportunities, dreams, plans, and events all in between along with my dearest friend , my wife. As for new opportunities the new year plans to bring, one of which is tutoring part time on Monday nights with the International Students Inc. or ISI for short. It’s a group of individuals from all over the world including China, South Korea, Chile, the Middle East, and a handful of others. A similar experience takes me back to teaching English in Houston where I am originally from. I enjoyed it then and I fully expect I will enjoy it again next year. Training starts in January and by then I also hope to start an online certification course in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

A burning desire of mine as of late and for quite awhile, at least, ever since I came back from China in 2012  is to teach. Currently I work full time in the Oilfield as a service technician to the model homes provided to rigs all across Weld County.  It’s a great opportunity to kick start my wife and I into our new lives together keeps me very busy. However, I also hope while working in this productive industry that I can also put in some time toward helping to raise the Youth and next generation of leaders. Along with teaching English as a tutor for ISI, I also hope to start developing a private supplementary course in cultural and social studies with emphasis in Worldview and world religions. My current aim is toward middle school and high school students who are exclusively home educated (as I was during those years), but I also hope to pursue a wide range of students who would be interested in extracurricular activities. Sounds crazy that I want to involve the Youth of Northern Colorado in extra studies, but I think after a presentation or two they may find themselves extraordinarily interested in what both my wife and I have to offer. I plan to expound on this venture a lot further in the next post I plan to write so please stay tuned.

Yet another new venture I plan to take along with my writing and return to the Blog Sphere is to explore the realm of Podcasting. This past year I’ve been listening to a myriad of topics and I can’t begin to describe all of the fascinating stories, ideas, and biographies of people I’ve listened to for the last several months. I do, however, intend to share more often what I listen to on a more regular basis. For a list of current podcasts that I personally subscribe to, check out this link or refer to the end of this post. With all this being said, also look forward to a Podcast of my own hosted by both myself and my lovely wife. We plan to cover a lot of different topics, but eventually it is our goal to focus on social issues in both the realms of Education, Family, and Community.

To conclude, I’d like to mention that two of my greatest achievements this year have been 1) Finishing my bachelor’s degree in Communications and 2) Marrying the love of my life. It’s been a wonderful, crazy, difficult, surprising, lovely, heart breaking, joyful year and I am nervous, excited, frightened, encouraged, and fascinated with what is to come next.

Serving with nobility, noblesse oblige,

Robert W. Oakley



Merry Christmas!


Podcasts I Subscribe to:

NPR TED Radio Hour

TED Talks

English Teaching in Japan

The Artist in American History

Seth Godin’s Startup School



Oakley — An Aspiring Artist


Please take a few minutes to fill out my survey


I’ve created this survey to help collect data on a very important topic I’m researching and it’s also essential towards completing my degree! If you would please just take a few moments of your time to complete the survey, you will not only be helping my study but you’ll also be helping me finish my degree in communications! Feel free to share with friends and pass it on or to contact me personally if you have any questions.

Respectfully and with much thanks,

Rob Oakley

Oakley — China ESL Trip 2012


China ESL Trip 2012, a set on Flickr.

Oakley — Establishing Location

OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0001OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0002OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0020OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0003OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0004OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0005
OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0006OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0007OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0008OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0009OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0010OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0011
OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0012OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0013OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0022OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0014OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0015OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0016
OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0017OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0018OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0000OTMPRO_James and Kyra Rice_Location_0019

One essential aspect to photographing a wedding is capturing the location. Location, Location, Location is extremely important in helping you, the photographer, tell a story so use it to its fullest potential.


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